The Challenges

Ready to begin? Whether the open Challenge is "Land & Water" or "Air & Climate",
start by choosing a environmental issue within the topic that affects your community. Then, download the
Action Plan
or begin using our online entry system where you can save your work and come back later
to complete your entry as you progress. Official Rules Prizes Judging
Action Plan
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And Remember: Two Challenges, Two Chances to WIN and be invited to the Finals!

  • Landfills, Waste Management, and Recycling
  • Forest Destruction/Deforestation and
  • Endangered Species and Loss of Biodiversity
  • Water Conservation and Fresh Water
  • Shrinking Wetlands and Aquatic Habitats
  • Threats to the world's waterways and
    oceans, e.g., poorly managed fishing,
    pollution, coastal tourism and development,
    and shipping.

Entries Due: 10/16

  • Global Warming
  • Climate
  • Air Pollution
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Fossil Fuels and Renewable

Entries Due: 12/11

Challenge 3: Final Challenge

Registration for Challenge 3 is invite only.

The thirty-two (32) finalist teams from the prior two
challenges, as determined by the Lexus Eco
Challenge judging process, will be eligible for the
Final Challenge.


It looks like the 2015 Final Challenge is completed. CLICK HERE to see the Final Challenge Winners.

Come back over the Summer to get details about the 2015/2016 Lexus Eco Challenge.